Rules and Regulations

                                       30th Annual North Atlantic MONSTER SHARK® Tournament

                                                       July 14th – 15th, 2017 New Bedford, MA

>>>*Please Note that Porbeagle* restrictions have been changed<<<

Welcome to the 30th Annual North Atlantic MONSTER SHARK® Tournament, the preeminent sport fishing event in New England. As always, expect world-class sport fishing, fine dining and excitement for all. The top three finishers will be awarded with a variety of highly valuable prizes and awards. Whether you’re a prominent angler with a top placing boat from a previous year or just getting started in tournament fishing, you will want to be part of the excitement. Please join the Boston Big Game Fishing Club and Sharks Fund Fishing with your friends and family. Send your application and entry fee as soon as possible as slip and mooring space is very limited.


1. All boats must be registered by Thursday July 13th by the conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting.
2 IGFA rules.Official tournament time is local GPS time.
3. Unlimited tackle, 130 lb. Line test maximum.
4. Only one shark may be brought to the dock for weighing per day.
5. Only Thresher, Porbeagle* and Mako count for score. Minimum weight for Thresher and Porbeagle* is 250 lb. Minimum weight for Mako is 200 lb. No other shark species count for score. Boats weighing in Thresher or Porbeagle* sharks less than 225 lb. will be penalized 100 points. Boats weighing in Mako sharks less than 175 lb. will be penalized 100points. Sharks that are at least 84” (snout to fork) will not be penalized.
6. Fishing hours are July 14th at 6:00 am to July 15th at 3:00 PM.
7. All sharks must be weighed in at the North Atlantic MONSTER SHARK Tournament weigh-in station located at pier 3 adjacent to the Nautical Fountain in New Bedford. Tournament registered boats may depart from any marina.
8. Weigh station hours are 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on July 14th and 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM on July 15th.No fish will be weighed in after or before these times periods.
9. Selection of VHF Tournament channel at Captain’s Meeting.
10. All sharks are the boat’s property and are subject to inspection by the Tournament Biologist.
11. Bang sticks, guns and cockpit harpoons are not allowed to be used per IGFArules.
12. There is no weather committee. The decision to fish is left solely to participants who do so at their own risk.
13. Any protest must be made in writing and presented to the Tournament Committee by 7:00 PM eachday.
14. The Grand Prize winner will be subject to a polygraph.
15. All Tournament Committee decisions are final.There are norefunds.
16. All fish weighed in for prize consideration must be caught from a registered boat. This is a boat tournament, inthe event of a mechanical failure participants may fish from another vessel. The Tournament Committee must be advised in writing prior to a vesselchange.
17. There is no limit to the number of fishingrods.
18. No Transfer of Sharks to another boat.
19. All participants are responsible for the information and rules reviewed at the CaptainsMeeting.
20. All boats are required to submit Release Affidavits to the Tournament Committee during weigh station hours on July15th.
21. A sportsman like conduct ashore and afloat is required of all participants and theirguests.
22. All boats participating in the tournament must fly the North Atlantic MONSTER SHARK Tournament burgee.
23. Only one angler may hook and fight a fish (NO passing the rod). The angler must remove the rod from the rod holder as quickly as possible (NO fighting from the rodholder).
24. No baiting, chumming or shark fishing can be done outside of the fishing hours. Chum buckets and baits must be attached to the vessel while fishing. Bait fishing is allowed outside of tournament times.
25. Any vessel winning first place three consecutive years will be prohibited from contending the fourth year.

(1.0) point per pound will be awarded for Thresher & Porbeagle* - 250 lb. or greater.
(1.0) point per pound will be awarded for Mako – 200 lb. or greater

(0.75) point per pound will be awarded for Porbeagle - 250 lb. or greater.

Only one Porbeagle per Year may be weighed in.

Overall winning score will be the combined total points of the two days.
Thresher Award: the heaviest Thresher with a minimum weight of 250 lb.

Porbeagle* Award: the heaviest Porbeagle* with a minimum weight of 250 lb.

Mako Award:  the heaviest Mako with a minimum weight of 200 lb.

In case of a tie the first shark weighed in takes lead position.

 All species of sharks (except dog fish) count for the following awards
Release Award:  all releases must be properly recorded on Release Affidavits supplied in the Tournament Package.
Junior Angler Award:  (16 yrs. or younger) Releases must be properly recorded on Release Affidavits.
Female Release Award: all releases must be properly recorded on Release Affidavits supplied in the Tournament Package.

 *For Tags Write To: NMFS, Apex Predators Program, 28 Tarzwell Drive, Narragansett, RI 02882 Tel. 401-782-3320.